Innovative ‘Heart-Works’ Simulator Will Lead to Better Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Cardiovascular Ailments.

The Emirates Cardiac Society has used its third annual Congress to officially launch the first echocariography simlator of its kind in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it was announced today at a press confrence.

The simulator, generously provided for ues by Swiss pharmaceutical company Novarits, will help in tackling the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the number one killer in the UAE according to Dr. Wael Al Mahmeed, Head of Cardiology, Sheikh Khalifa City (SKMC).

“It will be an effective tool in our armamentarium of tests used to diagnose heart diseases. It will be used to train physicians on how to better diagnose heart diseases by means of echocardiography,”

Dr. Wael Al Mahmeed

Cardiovascular disease is also a major complication of diabetes, and the leading cause of early death among sufferers of diabetes – according to the American Diabetes Association about 65 percent of people local population are affected by diabetes, with no signs that this number decreasing.

Dr. Alessandro Salustri, Consultant Cardiologist at SKMC.

The process involves involves the acquisition and interpretation of images, and the HeartWorks simulator is one of the major advances in training and development for songographers and cardiologist. The simulator will be utilized across the country to train doctors to improve their echocardiography skills for better image acquisition and interpretation, ultimately leading to better diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.