V-MedEd Distributor China – Helps drive workshops at the 23rd Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology, China.

HeartWorks through one of its distributors in China helped provide training for deligates at the 23rd Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology in Beijing last month, not oly did many deligate get hands on the HeartWorks simulator in a dedicated workshop but also had a chance while thesimulator was on GE Medical’s trade stand.

Dr Fan Dali from UC Davis Hospoital in California, USA helped run the workshop with Michelle Xiao from inventive medical’s Chineese Distribution partner, this proved a big successas all doctors

"Heart disease is known as the 'silent killer' as many patients do not experience any symptoms and are frequently unaware that they even suffer from any form of CVD. Echocardiography is an effective tool in picking up heart disease before symptoms even appear in a patient, and is the most widely used and cost effective diagnostic imaging tool in cardiology."