HeartWorks Anatomy Module

At the core of the HeartWorks product is a freely interactive computer generated model of the human heart which has an unprecedented degree of anatomical detail. Ongoing re-evaluation of the HeartWorks cardiac anatomy has led to recent refinement of the model, producing even greater accuracy in the representation of normal cardiac structure.

The heart has a photorealistic appearance and has been carefully animated to simulate normal human cardiac motion. The heart rate can be varied and synchronised to an ECG trace. The beating heart is freely controlled by the computer keyboard and mouse; it can be viewed from any angle both internally and externally and through a range of zoom. It can be rotated freely around any axis, and sliced in any plane.

Manufacturer's Description

Manufacturer's Description

Incorporated into the system is a comprehensive text of cardiac anatomy. Over 160 separate intracardiac structures have been labelled, with accompanying detailed anatomical text. Any selected structure can be simultaneously highlighted in the text and displayed within the 3D model. A number of predefined areas of the heart can be displayed separately or in combination, facilitating understanding of anatomical relationships. The arrangement of the display windows on the screen can be adjusted by the operator to suit personal preference.

Selected screen displays, still or animated, may be stored as slides, with impressive automatic transition between images within a slideshow. All image output can be displayed on the system monitor or relayed to an external projector to add a dramatic enhancement to lecture presentations.


Anatomy Package:


Dell Computer:
  • Processor: T3400 525W Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.00GHz, 6MB,1333MHz)
  • Vertical Chassis : Orientation (Minitower, W: 170,2 x H: 447.3 x D: 468.4 mm)
  • Graphics Card: 1.5GB GDDR3 NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 (full height,DVI output,Dual Display)
  • Operating System : English Windows Vista Business SP1(32Bit)to WXP Pro
  • SP3(Downgrade)with XP Media
  • Keyboard : UK/Irish (QWERTY) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard Black
  • Display : 24in 2408WFP UK/Irish Black Widescreen UltraSharp (1920x1200) TCO03
  • DVI-D, Height Adjustable
  • 16X DVD+/-RW Drive
  • Logitech High Performance Laser Mouse


HeartWorks freely manipulable virtual heart model with labels, anatomy textbook and user manual.


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